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    Commonly Asked Questions

    The benefits that QFS can offer is countless:
    a. Increased in Customers’ Satisfaction
    b. Shortened Receiving & Inbounding Cycle (100% QC)
    c. Safe & Secured Storage
    d. Quicker Turnaround for Orders Fulfillment
    e. Unified Order Management (APIs Integrations Available)
    f. Multiple Delivery Options (Home, Locker, Self-Collection)
    g. Tailored Kitting Services according to your requirements.
    h. Returns Management & Audit
    i. Huge Savings on Time and Costs and many more…….

    All we need is meet up with you to understand more about your project and requirements and from there, we can advise you whether our fulfillment service is suitable for you. For switching to us, all it takes is 1 week to prepare the setup and your products can be shipped over and the operations can kick start within 72 hours.

    At QFS, we offer multi-modal pricing which charges only based on the exact service used, so that you can be assured that you are not paying more than what is needed. So instead of a bundled pricing system, you be able to see accurately how much is charged for each service type in our monthly billing reports.

    We offer 3 different modes for the last mile, so your customers can either choose to deliver to their homes or offices, to a locker under Pick network or alternatively, they may also opt for self-collection directly at our Fulfillment Centre located in Yishun. Please refer to our list of No-Go zones.

    Upon receiving returns request, our driver will schedule a pickup from the customer preferred address and return the item to our Fulfillment Centre. From there, our team will do a full product audit and revert back to you about the condition of the returned item and whether the item can be restocked back into inventory or be disposed due to damages.