End-to-End B2B / B2C Logistics Solutions Which Helps Increase Your Business Agility that Saves You Massive Costs & Time.

Running an E-Commerce business is never easy!

Always running out of space and facing bottlenecks or inefficiencies in your space & manpower utilisation?

Facing issues managing too many sales channels & orders especially during peak seasons?

Running your own warehouse or outsourced to 3rd party and losing too much monies on business overheads?

We have the solutions just for you!

Scalable Storage

Our QFS storage solution is fully scalable and flexible, there is no rule on minimum quota or committment. Need to scale up your inventory urgently, we can handle it, our storage facility can store up to 1000 pallets, be it long term or short term storage, your goods are handled with utmost care.

Best-In-Class Receiving

We placed utmost importance on our receiving process and ensures all inbounded goods are accounted for and any discrepancies flagged in the swiftest time possible. All incoming goods are scanned via our mobile PDA to ensure accuracy and we also offer 100% Quality Checks as an additional process.

Unified Order Management

The greatest challenge of running an E-Commerce business in handling multiple sales channel at one go, which is why we developed our own in-house Centralised Order Management System (COMS) with real-time API integrations to major marketplaces so as to accurately capture all orders without any hassle.


Massive Cost Savings

Be it you are running your own warehouse or have already outsourced to a 3PL, we are confident that with our multi-modal pricing which charges only based on what services is used and not as a bundled pricing, it will definitely help you enjoy massive cost savings. Our competitive and modular rates are fully transparent and itemised.

Multichannel Delivery​

Flexible Delivery Options

By offering multiple options of last mile delivery not only provide an extra level of convenience but also greatly increase your customers satisfaction level. At QFS, we also offer self-collection options. Our systems also notify your customers on the deliveries via our automated SMS solution.

Kitting Service​

Kitting Service

Wanting to give your customers an unparalleled unboxing experience or receiving a beautifully packed package?

We can customise or adopt your specific packing requirements without any limitations on using your packaging materials.

Our expertise has helped our esteemed clients to solve their strategic & operational bottlenecks and achieved higher customers satisfaction and reduced their operational costs by as high as 40%.


With the rise of e-commerce, online portals, and digital marketing, businesses are constantly looking for ways to grow and generate new revenue streams. In today’s business environment, companies need to be able to dynamically adapt to changing market conditions. We provide a complete end-to-end logistics solution for businesses that will enable them to quickly change products or services based on customer demand. We are the “one stop shop” for logistics solutions.

It may seem daunting to get started, but really it is not! Here is how you can get started!

Schedule a Consultation

Talk to us about your issues & we assess how we can help your business.

Account Setup

Send your products over and we will manage everything for you.

Get Results

Kickstart your new life & journey with us in matter of days & see results in weeks.

At QFS, we know your desire to expand and scale up your E-Commerce business. In order to achieve that, you need to ensure logistics matters are being handled correctly so that you can maximize your returns. The problem is you need the right teams to manage your inventories which often is the biggest headache for E-Commerce business owners.

 We believe this isn’t what you should be going through. We understand when it comes to managing inventory & manpower, it’s never easy to achieve healthy stock levels as well as reach optimal levels for manpower utilization.

That’s why we at QFS place the utmost importance on training our teams to ensure your stocks and orders are handled accurately so that we can return the cost savings back to you. All it takes is to tell us what are your issues and we can assess whether our business model can help you in tackling all these issues. So, schedule a consultation with us today, so you can stop worrying about the nitty gritty stuff that is bothering you and start focusing on growing your business.